Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentines day


Welp. It's February, also known as the month of over the top sappy love posts, all over social media. Not to mention all of the countless people complaining about how single they are (aka the category that I fit into HA!) Let's just be real, February is just an annoying month. Not strictly because of the whole "love phase" but mainly for me because it's the point of the year where I am done with the cold weather. I just want summer!

Looking at all of my spring clothes is actually depressing, because I just want to be able to wear them already! Well anyways, to end my little rant I thought I would put together a post of my "February faves" and my valentines day outfit. The collage below is full of things I, along with most other girls (I assume) would love to receive as gifts for valentines day but it's not ideal considering the prices of some of these items... But, A girl can dream... Right??!?

Valentino heels: Can we just take a moment to take in the fabulousness of these heels? Every girl loves a good pair of shoes, and these are to die for! 

Chanel sunglasses: I love sunglasses, butttt I'm not very responsible with them. Every pair I get; ends up breaking... ughh. But, if I was responsible with cute eye wear AND was rich my first purchase would be these red Chanel ones! 

CoverGirl lipstick: I'm a lover of beauty products, I've used many different brands of lipsticks before and CoverGirl will always be my favorite! They're very affordable & can be found at any drugstore (and Walmart). The pigment and lasting effect is incredible! (CoverGirl Eternal is my favorite shade)

Chanel cross body: OBSESSED is an understatement. When I say that I'm a sucker for a gorgeous purse, I mean it! This bag is of my favorite EVER! The perfect mix of classy and chic. 

Red dress: Every girl deserves a super cute dress that makes them feel like a complete princess. This dress immediately caught my eye, not sure of the designer but could be found on Polyvore! 

My Valentines day outfit! Details listed below.
  • High waisted shorts: Vestiary Boutique (Danville, KY)
  • Shirt: Forever21

Believe it or not, I'm actually not a huge fan of jewelry. So when or if I wear it I have to love it! My favorite jewelry pieces I own happen to be gold, blush pink, & red! So fitting for this valentines day blog post! I believe the key to pulling off jewelry is leaving it simple, and not too "over the top."

EarringsMy favorite day-to-day earrings are pearls, no doubt. However, I'm gonna choose to leave my comfort zone a bit and pull out these gorgeous statement earrings. I love them! There is a close up pictured below.



  1. Olivia! I'm so excited to be looking at your blog! My name is Rachel Adkins! We both attend Amplify even though I attend the Harrodsburg road campus! I just wanted to give you a little dash of confidence: I saw your instagram post about your Snow Day blog post..and I've been DYING to start my own blog and YOU inspired me to get started! :) I'd love if you checked it out sometime! (once i actually get it started lol) It was awesome to hear about your trip to Winter Retreat because last year, you may not remember this at all, but on our last night there me and my friend came over and prayed for you in the middle of worship and God immediately told me to pray for your self confidence, then the next day on stage you got up and talked about that! I was blown away about how amazing God is and seeing his light shine through you is so satisfying! I'm so happy to see the beautiful young girl you're becoming! Keep up the blogging beautiful and know that I'll be watching :)

    1. Awh thank you so much, Rachel! I remember that so vividly, it was honestly life changing. I never got the chance to thank you for that! I remember thinking, "Man. I want to be like that! I want God to work through me, the same way he's working in the lives of those girls." God is so awesome and it's so great that I have sisters in Christ; like you, that encourage me to be more like Jesus every single day. I am so happy you're going to start blogging. It's so fun and you'll enjoy it! I cannot wait to read it!! I appreciate you taking your time to tell me that. Have a great week :)