Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cats to the NBA... It's Draft Time

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With the draft just around the corner we know that two former Wildcats have received an invite so far. The draft will take place at the Barclays Center in NY on June 22nd.

A list of 10 top prospects has been released by Draft Express that included the basketball stars that will very soon be able to say they turned their dream into their reality.

De’Aaron Fox and Malik Monk happened to be two of them. This list will continue to reveal 20 more invited players as the week progresses. 

Fox is predicted to be the 4th pick to the Suns.
Monk is predicted to be the 8th pick to the New York Knicks.
(All according to Draft Express.)

Full list below.

  • De’Aaron Fox
  • Malik Monk
  • Lonzo Ball
  • Jayson Tatum
  • Jonathan Isaac
  • Zach Collins
  • Markelle Fultz
  • Lauri Markkanen
  • Dennis Smith Jr.
  • Josh Jackson

Friday, February 24, 2017

Boogie to NOLA

DeMarcus Cousins made his first debut playing for the Pelicans Thursday night, a highly anticipated night of many. Since the big trade, this made for the first chance Kentucky fans were able to watch Anthony Davis and Boogie; 2 UK legends, play along side of each other now as teammates.

Cousins opened up the game scoring the Pelicans first points against the Rockets and put up 24 points and 14 rebounds for the night.

Amongst the transition and change that comes with the move, fans will notice quite a few differences. One being, Cousins jersey number now is #0. Say goodbye to the classic #15.

DeMarcus left Sacramento with an emotional goodbye, expressing his love for the city and people. He also mentioned that his new number has a meaning of "new life." The seven years DeMarcus spent in Sac were not only filled with basketball, but countless hours of him devoting his time to give back to the community. 

Cousins did everything from providing free prescription eyewear to kids, delivering food to families on Thanksgiving, making sure animals weren't neglected, to covering the funeral costs of a local HS football player who tragically passed away. The list of could go on and on.

The city loved him and he loved them back.  
In 2013 after signing a contract extension he donated $1 million to local charities in the area. 
As the press conference concluded, a relatively unsure Cousins looked around, hands wrapped around the microphone, clearly wanting to say something. Owner Vivek Ranadive was getting out of his seat, as was general manager Pete D’Alessandro. They could see Cousins wanting to speak, so they urged him on where he quietly announced that he was donating $1 million dollars to Sacramento families in need of financial assistance. There was no fan fare – no ‘praise me’ from Cousins. Had you turned away for a moment you wouldn’t have known it took place. It was literally nothing more than simple side note as he walked away over to awaiting media members.
Cousins wasn’t overly clear in how the funds would be distributed – he likely didn’t know as he simply stated that he would be donating to families in need along with Mayor Kevin Johnson‘s organization.

DeMarcus Cousins isn't a "good guy," in fact- he's better. 

He is a GREAT guy, who does great things. On AND off the court. If for some reason you happen not be a Cousins fan?... Well, you should be. You're missing out. 

I'm a new fan of the Pelicans, and an even bigger fan of that special #0! 

#teamCousins #LoyaltyisLove 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

L's Down

The Kentucky Wildcats came into the Papa Johns Stadium on Saturday morning with only a 4% chance of winning against the Cards. Four percent... Let that sink in. After a thrilling game the Cats shocked the world (well, let's just say a WHOLE lot of people- even UK fans). The Cats pulled out a 41-38 win and took home the Governor's Cup.

As you could imagine, and what you saw from fans I'm sure you realize the amount of excitement this upset brought to the BBN. So much so the fans even had a party at the Commonwealth Stadium to welcome the boys back into town, and of course I had to join in on the fun.

I was very happy to see hundreds of passionate fans lined up to support the Cats, not to mention having to stand in the freezing cold for an hour while we waited. Could you blame us though? This game ended the regular season, and the Wildcats came out with their first winning season since 2009. The spirit of the fans and especially the football players when they arrived, was amazing! I am so happy for them, Coach Stoops and the rest of the coaching staff. Well deserved!

The celebration started with fans simply greeting the players, players walking through the long line of people, everyone thanking them for the support and ended with the team dancing on the stage including Mark Stoops.

Below are a few pics I took, very low quality since my not-so-smart-self forgot my actual camera at home. I also have videos going to be uploaded to my YouTube @OliviaPrewitt.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Admirals are Back at it Again Tonight Against the Corbin Redhounds

After an electrifying win against our cross time rival last Friday, the Admirals are back and ready to beat Corbin tonight. Danville QB, Zach Dampier said "we've been working very hard in practice this week and watching a lot of film. We've been trying to prep the guys for another big and important game. Not that we've done anything out of the norm-- just taking it like every other week, and hoping our performance is strong enough to get us another win.

photo taken by Matt Overing

Like the Admirals, Corbin is also heading into tonights game with a 3-0 start to the season. Dampier said he anticipates the game to be close one. "They're strong and physical. We're going to have to be able to deal with that, but as long as we execute to the best of our ability we'll be in great shape. Their physicality will put our teams conditioning to the test. They're a bigger school, making it easier to roll more bodies. That doesn't worry me though, I am confident in my team."

Looking back at last weeks game against the Boyle Co. Rebels, Dampier humbly complimented his teams performance by saying, "we played pretty good, can't complain about it."

Well, I can't quite seem to find anything to complain about either Zach... Considering the Ads scored three times throughout the first quarter, and twice in the beginning of the second quarter during just the first couple of minutes. The Admirals finished the game with a 43-15 win, the first win against the Rebels in 4 years!  Tanner Ford said Coach Clevenger's first words were, "THIS IS OUR TOWN!"  

Dampier continues to lead the state for overall passes. 

Head out to see the Ads in action against the Corbin Redounds tonight. This game could quite possibly be the most exciting one of the season. Kick off at 7:30 at Admiral stadium. Go Ads! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Danville Football Opens Season

Danville football opens their season up tonight, heading to Larue Co. I sat down and talked with Dampier, QB for the Ads. We talked role models, motivation, discipline and much more. Click HERE to watch. Go ADS!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Centre Football Kicks off Preseason Practice

Your Centre College Colonels kicked off preseason practice... At midnight. 

Coming off of last seasons 8-2 record, the team has high expectations set and they are ready to show it this fall.

Senior OL, Tre Killian discussed the big take aways from last season Killian said, "We have to work harder. We lost two games there in the middle that prevented us from winning our conference. This year we are ready to go. We're ready to win."

Killian also offered a piece of advice to the freshmen, "don't listen to those who may doubt you. That could even be yourself at times, don't beat yourself up. Work hard and you can do anything."

Defensive lineman, Trey Yeager is going into his final year at Centre. He defined success as "achieving the goals you set for yourself, if you achieved them, and accomplished what you wanted to." Yeager this off season focused a lot on getting stronger and more in shape in prep for his senior season. In which he hopes to make it his best one yet. Success is certainly on the way for the Colonels this season. 

The team began camp today starting with the midnight practice, conditioning tests throughout the day, and then leading into more practice. Be sure to keep up with the Colonels, they're bound to impress! 

Posted below is their schedule for fall 2016, more info can be found HERE

Monday, August 8, 2016

Blue/White Admiral Scrimmage

"Friday Night Under the Lights" was hosted at the stadium this past week to finish up camp and give Admiral fans a little taste of what they can expect to see from the team this season. Following it, the team had a youth camp to develop skills and teach drills to our future Admirals apart of the Danville youth football program.  

   Last week while the ADS were at summer camp, Coach Dunn gave some insight to how that went. "Overall I think camp went well. We do have a lot of young guys who aren't used to having to push themselves, and that really affected us. Our senior class has really stepped up big. Our senior class is small, but the underclassmen seem to follow their leadership pretty well." Say's Dunn.

Senior QB, Zach Dampier also believed camp went well over all. "This week was good. We had a lot of time to bond together and we put a lot of good work in." 

Coach Dunn on Friday nights scrimmage "I saw some things that were promising. The first 10 plays or so were pretty good, then fatigue started to set in. We have a lot of guys who aren't used to the fast paced aspect of it just yet. We'll need to work on that." 

After the scrimmage ended, the younger kids were able to get out on the field and see what it's like to be an Admiral. Here are a few pics I snapped.