Monday, August 8, 2016

Blue/White Admiral Scrimmage

"Friday Night Under the Lights" was hosted at the stadium this past week to finish up camp and give Admiral fans a little taste of what they can expect to see from the team this season. Following it, the team had a youth camp to develop skills and teach drills to our future Admirals apart of the Danville youth football program.  

   Last week while the ADS were at summer camp, Coach Dunn gave some insight to how that went. "Overall I think camp went well. We do have a lot of young guys who aren't used to having to push themselves, and that really affected us. Our senior class has really stepped up big. Our senior class is small, but the underclassmen seem to follow their leadership pretty well." Say's Dunn.

Senior QB, Zach Dampier also believed camp went well over all. "This week was good. We had a lot of time to bond together and we put a lot of good work in." 

Coach Dunn on Friday nights scrimmage "I saw some things that were promising. The first 10 plays or so were pretty good, then fatigue started to set in. We have a lot of guys who aren't used to the fast paced aspect of it just yet. We'll need to work on that." 

After the scrimmage ended, the younger kids were able to get out on the field and see what it's like to be an Admiral. Here are a few pics I snapped.


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