Friday, September 9, 2016

The Admirals are Back at it Again Tonight Against the Corbin Redhounds

After an electrifying win against our cross time rival last Friday, the Admirals are back and ready to beat Corbin tonight. Danville QB, Zach Dampier said "we've been working very hard in practice this week and watching a lot of film. We've been trying to prep the guys for another big and important game. Not that we've done anything out of the norm-- just taking it like every other week, and hoping our performance is strong enough to get us another win.

photo taken by Matt Overing

Like the Admirals, Corbin is also heading into tonights game with a 3-0 start to the season. Dampier said he anticipates the game to be close one. "They're strong and physical. We're going to have to be able to deal with that, but as long as we execute to the best of our ability we'll be in great shape. Their physicality will put our teams conditioning to the test. They're a bigger school, making it easier to roll more bodies. That doesn't worry me though, I am confident in my team."

Looking back at last weeks game against the Boyle Co. Rebels, Dampier humbly complimented his teams performance by saying, "we played pretty good, can't complain about it."

Well, I can't quite seem to find anything to complain about either Zach... Considering the Ads scored three times throughout the first quarter, and twice in the beginning of the second quarter during just the first couple of minutes. The Admirals finished the game with a 43-15 win, the first win against the Rebels in 4 years!  Tanner Ford said Coach Clevenger's first words were, "THIS IS OUR TOWN!"  

Dampier continues to lead the state for overall passes. 

Head out to see the Ads in action against the Corbin Redounds tonight. This game could quite possibly be the most exciting one of the season. Kick off at 7:30 at Admiral stadium. Go Ads! 

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