Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Magdeddon 2015...... again

Okay so taking these pictures were pretty tragic, I almost fell (several times) and got snow all inside of my boots. Whoops. But, snow makes for such pretty pictures so it was worth it, I guess. I'm stuck in the "it's spring time" mindset even though, obviously it isn't. KY can't catch a break with all of this snow mess however, these days off from school have been fabulous! 
I cannot get enough of warm, cozy, and over sized sweaters! They're my weakness in the winter time, I also talked about this a few blog posts back. With me being so short sometimes they tend to make me look like I'm wearing a potato sack, ewh. I always try to avoid that because, that is not a very flattering look! My cream sweater from H&M is perfect, I got it a size up just so I could wear it with leggings if I wanted. Today I wore a grey bodysuit underneath from Forever21, dark denim jeans from NY and Company, Ralph Lauren riding boots, and a navy and white cross body purse from Forever21. 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week, mine has been pretty stressful with the ACT going on, and with the 9 weeks ending soon it means a ton of homework. However, this week I started my tennis practices and cannot wait for the season to start! Stay warm ya'll! 

XOXO, Olivia <3

Thanks for reading :) 

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