Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Getting to Know D-line Coach, Jimmy Brumbaugh

This week I interviewed University of Kentucky defensive line coach Jimmy Brumbaugh, who played college football for four years at Auburn where he was a three-time All-SEC defensive lineman.

During his playing days at Auburn, Brumbaugh started 44 of his 48 career games with 291 tackles and 15 sacks as a nose tackle and defensive tackle. Brumbaugh was named Freshman All-SEC in 1995, second-team All-SEC in 1996 and first-team All-SEC in 1997. He helped the Tigers win the 1997 SEC Western Division championship and play in three bowl games, winning two.

 Check out what Coach Brumbaugh has to say as he helps prepare the Cats to host Auburn Oct. 15 on ESPN in he first Thursday night game ever at Commonwealth Stadium.

Question: During the season about how many hours would you say you put into football a week?
Brumbaugh: I put in a lot of time, I go in early and don't come home until late at night. A lot of hard work and time put into it.

Question: What is your favorite thing to do outside of football? 
Brumbaugh: "I really just enjoy spending time with the family.  I don't golf or anything like that so I really just spend time with the family!" 

Question: If you had to pick one food to eat for the rest of your life every day, what would it be?
Brumbaugh: "Uhm easy, some hot wings!”

Question: Do you have a favorite travel destination?
Brumbaugh: "I like Hawaii. It was very nice. It was just something different, ya know? We got to see Pearl Harbor and just being at Waikiki Beach was really neat."

Question: What is the best part about the Big Blue Nation?
Brumbaugh: "There is so much enthusiasm for our up and coming program you know. They're thirsting for football."

Question: So next Thursday Kentucky plays Auburn. How will it feel to be coaching against your old team?
Brumbaugh: "It feels good but as a competitor you want to win the football game of course because what you have been instilling in your players, you're feeling to win that football game."  

Question: Can share your favorite memory from your days spent at Auburn?
Brumbaugh: "I would just say game day was just really exciting. We had what Auburn calls the Tiger Walk and we just had all the enthusiasm that comes along with it. There's 85-90,000 folks there and in the state of Alabama it's all about football. There's nothing else, there are no pro sports, there's no horse racing, there's nothing. All there is ... Auburn and Alabama football! And so that's what people eat, sleep, and breathe 365 days a year."

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